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Breed specific legislation failing globally:

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ9Te3A17LQ

In the FIRST IADCRO INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS about BSL, has been demonstrated scientifically the nonexistence of Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous breeds dogs. http://www.iadcro.com/informationcongress.html




ADCRO is a nonprofit organization does not charge membership fees. Does not ask for donations either. Our only interest is to save some breed dogs from the extermination or extinction voluntarily caused by humans.


In IADCRO we put our heart, our effort and good will to work within the possibilities of each one. That is the price to be member of IADCRO. The fact that there are not economic aspects involved in IADCRO, is the GUARANTEES that this project is going to obtain his objectives, which are, to exclude the names of the breeds from the Laws and make the Laws be equal for all the dogs without breed discriminations.


I am absolutely positive, that in a 2 to 4 years term IADCRO will have fulfilled his objectives and the BSL become history. I remember you that without your support this objective will not be able to be obtained, we need each other without prejudices, to be able to effectively exert INTERNATIONAL PRESSURE, so feared for the leaders of the different Countries


This requirement goes to all the animal right's lovers to inform them that the more people we are in IADCRO the better. Because “United we stand" to exert more International pressure, and make a point to those countries that want to exterminate some noble breeds. I request you to please, become a member of IADCRO and that you pass it on to the people that you know so they become members of IADCRO too. Your family, friends, contacts, etc. and that you sign the Portugal`s online request, to try to prevent that BSL (Breed-specific legislation) from being approved. Remember that becoming member of IADCRO is totally free.


You may as well consult your family, friends and contacts if they agree in helping the defenceless ones, the dogs, by signing IADCRO’S online petition And if they give you the approval, you can send me their names, their e- mail address if they have one, their favourite breed and their nationality. Please send new members of IADCRO info to: villaliberty@villaliberty.org .


The unjust Law of Portugal against the breeds especially against breed APBT, was predicted in being approved makes a month and a half, but since IADCRO took part against it, its approval has been deferred. And we hope and we wish that it continues that way, until totally rejected, due to the International pressure created by IADCRO against it. No government feels comfortable with International pressures, since all this lead to a bad image of their managing, which harms economically and of diverse ways the interests of the country. All this makes more than possible, that the International pressure created by IADCRO, could put a stop to the hardest of the SBL that so far has been proposed in the different countries that applies them. This would not be possible without your help and the help of your contacts, that`s why my insistence in to inform to the people the way I previously described you.


IADCRO will always fight, so that the names of dog breeds are excluded from the Laws. And that potentially dangerous breed lists disappear, since this unjust classification is a death sentence, the ruin and the extermination, for any breed dog.


All this, makes possible that the pressure International created by IADCRO, can get to finish with hardest of the Laws against some breed dogs, in the different countries that have them. Easier, it even is that this pressure International can get to finish with a Project of Law like which occupies to us in Portugal.


I want that IADCRO to continue fighting in all those countries where  prejudice against the dogs are being held by means of some Law, by the simple fact of breed. This is ethically inadmissible and scientifically incorrect.


IADCRO even their recent creation already have his own Web Site, where you will be able to find your rules of how to defend to the dogs of a simple, easy and comfortable way from your home through Internet. IADCRO´s Web site are different sections, the news, alerts, evolution and results of our joint fight BSL, work and sports, Links, etc. etc


IADCRO`s Web site have a forum and Chat room own  for the members, so the animal lovers worldwide we are coordinated and many people now do not feel impotent against the abuse of those who hold the power, and think instead, that they can take step forward, to inform to the people for those who have none, and collaborate in an active form in this truthful cause and within the possibilities of each one.


I finally want to thank you for reading these words and encourage you to be an active member of IADCRO.


Are you going to just sit down while your best friend is being delivered and slaughtered???.


For enquires regarding this or any other issue that affects the wellbeing of our pets don’t hesitate to contact me.


Sincerely yours;


Mariano Peinado












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