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THE BLACKS. (By Mariano Peinado. June, 2012) (Updated on March 14, 2014) -- En Español  LOS NEGROS”:


Most of the information displayed here, can not find in books or magazines or even via the Internet at least so far, as earlier in this article was not written anything similar explaining where emerged the American Pit Bull Terrier known under the "The Blacks" term. Even many of the historic photographs in this site are collected, it had never seen before the public light, it is not only having great importance to me person, I believe that it is historical material heritage and legacy of the own breed and its fans, where we must not allow to negotiate with it or lost over the course of the years.


For this reason, disinterestedly I attached information and photos with great satisfaction here, as this is my policy to work at the time of making any report about the breed as I have been performing continuously since the 80's, to facilitate and encourage fans and scholars of the breed to keep it as were a treasure, and with solidarity and with good intention the fans of today will can to show it to fans who are coming in the future in the medium to long term.


For these and other reasons, I hope that you enjoy a lot with this report and I wish that will be useful to broaden their knowledge in some way on the history of this wonderful and noble breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier.




Some of my friends have asked me to write something about the American Pit Bull Terrier known among fans like "The Blacks", but to inform correctly about "The Blacks" first I must to explain about the American Pit Bull Terrier known under the "ELI" dogs term, for later to facilitate the understanding of "The Blacks".


"The Blacks" VIDEO:  


The name ELI,  comes from a special American Pit Bull Terrier named Boudreaux´ ELI, its dominant genetic with respect the females with whom it was crossed, it transmited superbly its qualities and virtues to its descendants. Boudreaux´ ELI turn inherited this and other virtues from TUDOR´S “DIBO under my point of view the best American Pit Bull Terrier of all ancient and modern times, being an excellent example of the breed and especially for his great ability to convey their virtues to their descendants.


boudreaux[1]    image012 Boudreaux´ “ELI

                       FIAPBT Pedigree Online: BOUDREAUX' ELI


                            Online Pedigree: BOUDREAUX´ “ELI




@ Whence comes the black color to the ELI / CARVER / BOUDREAUX dogs, being that they are all Tudor's "DIBO" family and "DIBO" was buckskin color? - THE HENRY DOGS:



Boudreaux´ “ELI was quite much inbreeding in TUDOR´S “DIBO thanks to the genetic contribution coming from its parents and grandparents by Boudreaux´”Blind Billy”. Boudreaux´ “ELI possessed of TUDOR´S “DIBO not insignificant 73% in its genetics.


       Tttudor Dibo junto con los tres mejores criadores de todos los tiempos. - copia   TUDOR´S “DIBO”


                      FIAPBT Pedigree Online: TUDORS “DIBO


                           Online Pedigree: TUDOR´S “DIBO



                   Blind Billy con Floy Boudreaux BOUDREAUX' “BLIND BILLY

In the picture Floyd Boudreaux with Boudreaux '"Blind Billy", the foundation of his breeding from his beginnings like breeder of American Pit Bull Terrier.


              FIAPBT Pedigree Online: BOUDREAUX' “BLIND BILLY


                   Online Pedigree: BOUDREAUX' “BLIND BILLY


Jerry Clemmons the Boudreaux´ SPOOK(SISSI) owner, decided to stud or cover his female with Boudreaux´ ELI, being BULLYSON, ELI JR and BRENDY the outcome of this litter, the three American Pit Bull Terrier that originated later by its descendants a group of animals known like “The ELI Dogs".


2eli%20jr[1] - copia         Clemmon's Brendy (Hermana de Bullyson y Eli Jr) 2[1]        Copia de BULLYSON y BOBY HALL

   CLAYTON'S “ELI JR                                                   CLEMMONS' “BRENDY                                       WALLING'S “BULLYSON


                      FIAPBT Pedigree Online: CLAYTON'S “ELI JR

                           Online Pedigree: CLAYTON'S “ELI JR



                    FIAPBT Pedigree Online: CLEMMONS' “BRENDY

                          Online Pedigree: CLEMMONS' “BRENDY



                   FIAPBT Pedigree Online: WALLING'S “BULLYSON

                         Online Pedigree: WALLING'S “BULLYSON


BULLYSON, ELI JR and BRENDY as children of Boudreaux´ ELI”, its descendants regardless whether they were of either mantle coloration of the skin, were known as I noted above with "The ELI Dogs term. "After this, it would create a new group even more elite of American Pit Bull Terrier also came from “The ELI Dogs”, which were knew with another different term, I am referring to so-called as "The Blacks".       

                                               Walling & Bullyson Red Walling with BULLYSON

                                          Red Walling during the short time he was the Bullyson owner, was who registrated it in the ADBA.


In addition to its majority share of black pigmentation, some of the most striking features that genetically fixed in "The Blacks" were: intelligence, caste, powerful and functional phenotype, powerful and strong prey, endurance, tenacity, extraordinary reproductive capacity due to the ease of transmitting these qualities and virtues to its offspring due to genetic dominance they possessed, etc.


WALLING'S “BULLYSONof the three brothers was the main generator exponent of "The Blacks", especially during the time he was breeding in the yard of Maurice Carver.




To say  that BULLYSON had 69% of the genetics of TUDOR´S “DIBO was also a 100% Boudreaux dog that is clear and nobody doubts it, but I must report and clarify for avoid misunderstandings and to talk with the subject property, that when BULLYSONwas breeding in the yard of Maurice Carver, all its children borned there on the Carver decision as a breeder, it was to be passed from the moment of birth to be 100% Carver dogs, though its ancestors came from other different gene, blood or ramifications genetic not from Carver, thats is not important, because if these dogs came to life was thanks to the Carver decision taken by his way and it is so not for my opinion no, it is so because that is what set fees for breeding and genetics, not just the case with the American Pit Bull Terrier, also occurs in other breeds of dogs, horses, bulls, birds, etc. Therefore all the merits and all the failures that may have all the dogs bred in the Maurice Carver yard, were exclusively of him. The sad thing is that when the things go well to someone, because to get it he worked and worked hard, often there are others who like to be awarded the merits of others and this is not correct, being the time which puts everyone in the place it deserves. I think it just and convenient to move correctly and in honor to the truth, to expose publicly the merits that were buried or robbed to Maurice Carver.


In one of my talks with Ramiro Morales, sincere, honest and truth gentleman wherever they exist, he was very pleased and proud to have introduced "The Blacks" in Mexico in the late 60's. Those animals were the direct descendants of BULLYSONand some of them also ELI JR and BRENDY which were breed in the yard of his friend Maurice Carver. Carver considered to Ramiro of his closed circle and trusted him to cede his dogs. Ramiro slept in the Carver home when he visited him in San Antonio USA, Ramiro was one more of the Carver team. The Maurice Carver's team was formed by other many more dogman of his inner circle of trust like Ronnie Hyde, Enrique Morfín, Earl Hunter, Ray Long, Baker Davis, Jim Rorex, Bennet Clayton, Jim Stinson, Norman Hooten, Tom Robinson and many more. 


3   Hunter, Carver y Ramiro Earl Hunter 1  Rorex, Pat y Carver 

        Luis García, Maurice Carver and Ramiro Morales                                  Earl Hunter                    Jim Rorex, Pat Carver and Maurice Carver


All of them and in different times of the Carver life, made a team ​​in the breeding of the breed run by Maurice and with the efforts of all, there were created great and very much APBT under the direction and guidelines that were marked by Maurice Carver, which was directly or indirectly the responsible that it were borned whole lot of APBT, therefore ethically was the breeder of all it for taking the decision that it happened so. His friends trust 100% in him on the right know-how of master dogman, learning everything that could be of the Silver Fox (Carver) and the individual work of each of them well marked also left their mark in the history of the breed for the excellent dogs that got through the instructions and teachings of Carver, American Pit Bull Terrier for example; CARVER'S (HYDE´S) SATCH, (CARVER'S) LONG´S BABY  (MIDNIGHT COWBOY mother ) , (CARVER´s) HYDE´S “BLOODY SUNDAY”, (CARVER'S) HUNTER´S SAM , CARVER'S (MORFIN) RED LADY, (CARVER'S) TOM´S BIG BLACK, CH (CARVER´S) MORALES NEGRA (BOUDREAUX' LUPE), CH HOOTEN'S BUTCHER BOY , (CARVER´S (MORALES´) ALACRAN CARVER'S) HUNTER TANA, (CARVER´S) R. MORALES´ ÑAÑARAS (BOUDREAUX' T-BELL), GR CH (CARVER´S ) DAVIS´ BOOMERANG , (CARVER'S) LONG´S TUFFY,  CH (CARVER´S) R. MORALES´ BLACK LADY (NEGRITA) CH (CARVER´S) R. MORALES´ BLACK LADY (NEGRITA), CH LARA'S ODIN (CARVER & MORFIN), CARVER´S (MORALES´) ALACRAN, (CARVER´S) ROREX'  BLACK LADY,  (CARVER´S) INDIAN BOLIO, (CARVER´S) HUNTER'S RED BUCK, HOOTEN'S'  SNAKE, CH STINSON'S TUFFY, (CARVER´S) CLAYTON'S JAVA  (CARVER´S) CLAYTON'S JAVA CH HOOTEN'S BUTCHER BOYand many more.   


   Copia de Izquierda derecha, Giroux, Carver, Bert Clouse, Tom Robinson en 1968 R image033

  Giroux, Carver, Bert Clouse, Tom Robinson in 1968       Ray Long and Ramiro Morales                 Carver, Margaret Davis and Ronnie Hyde


The APBT Carver settled in Mexico very strong by the hands of Enrique Morfin and Ramiro Morales. Thus, the success of Carver dogs continued in the neighboring country, coming to have a huge number of fans given the quality that these dogs possess. Too bad the lineage of many of this dogs during the time it lost its purity when mixed with any kind of dogs, and that there was enough concern in many cases to retain for the longest number of years that could be the essence and purest possible in to keep intact the Carver dogs. Unfortunately this same thing happened in other countries that had somehow come Carver dogs, including the home country of Maurice Carver, USA, a shame but it had will be for ever in the remember.


                                Enrique Morfin y Ramiro Morales                           Copia de PERROS 2  

                              Enrique Morfin and Ramiro Morales, two great gentlemen.                                                 Maurice Carver and Ramiro Morales


image070Copia de M Cowboy

       Enrique Morfin, Ray Long and Maurice Carver in the 60's, Monterrey (México)                             Baker Davis & Midnight Cowboy


          FIAPBT Pedigree Online: Midnight Cowboy   --     Online Pedigree: Midnight Cowboy


Returning to "The Blacks", say that not any black colored Pit Bull even be purebred must be attributed the term "The Blacks", far from it. To be included within this term, the individual black in question must come in most of its genetics especially of the descendants of BULLYSONor also of ELI JR and BRENDY because the two was its littermates.


In big porcentage my hypothesis about the emergence of the term of "The Blacks", came in the wake of the talks I had with Ramiro Morales, especially after I knew he was the introducer of "The Blacks" in Mexico.


I believe it's common sense that before Ramiro introduced to “The Blacks” the American Pit Bull Terrier black already exist in Mexico, but in my approach to the origin of “The Blacks” term, leave with the idea that American Pit Bull Terrier named today up with this term, which came from the Ramiro blood and in turn of the Maurice Carver, not in Mexico so far, this is clear.


The Blacks of Ramiro's blood came from the Floyd Boudreaux' dogs, especially through BULLYSON”, but most of them were bred by Maurice Carver, he told me it and also I could see it by studying the pedigrees of his dogs of that time by the FIAPBT Pedigree Online.


                                                             Banner FIAPBT


With the example of (CARVER´S) MORALES “NEGRA” (BOUDREAUX' LUPE) I believe it will come nicely to explain the latter and to convey to the reader what I can, my understanding on the matter, that all the dogs that a breeder breed is 100% of the breeding of that breeder in question, although the selected dogs for the breeding not was the usual blood of this breeder, this question is not important for this subject.


As we see in the pedigree of MORALES “NEGRA” was a bitch bred by Carver and certainly came from Floyd Boudreaux dogs, which do not wish to detract from any merit of him course not, just the opposite as he also have, but Carver as a breeder of the litter was he who took the decision to cross their dogs P. CARVER'S BLACK SHINE with CARVER'S ORPHAN ANNIE (ANNY) II for MORALES “NEGRA” along with its littermates came to the life and therefore exist. Excuse me my bad English, for to explain all this subject is difficult for me, sorry.


                                                                     Copia de CH (MORALES' NEGRA) BOUDREAUX' LUPE 3

                                                       MORALES NEGRA was well known in Mexico like “La Negra Grande”.


                FIAPBT Pedigree Online: (CARVER´S) MORALES “NEGRA” (BOUDREAUX' “LUPE”)


                      Online Pedigree: (CARVER´S) MORALES “NEGRA” (BOUDREAUX' “LUPE”)


To be more specific about exactly this example, to say that MORALES NEGRA had the 77% Floyd Boudreaux dogs adding all the bringing back of its genetic or ascending. But on the other hand, if its ancestors Carver dogs was many, few or none, MORALES NEGRA to be bred by Maurice Carver automatically going to be 100% genetically Carver.


As another example to facilitate comprehension, we the people have 50% of our father and 50% of our mother, but at the same time we also have 25% of each of our grandparents and 12.5% of each one of our great-grandparents, etc. The same goes for dogs and other animal of any specie.


All this that I have written, is simply to say that Floyd Boudreaux actually has much merit for be the breeder of many of the ancestors of MORALES NEGRA, now I will not discover anything about Floyd Boudreaux, but yes I feel ethically "obligated "in my opinion and my understanding to recognize each one their respective merits.


Returning at the “The Blacks” term and assuming that Ramiro Morales was the introducer of these animals in Mexico, it made me understand that “The Blacks” term which today is so much talk among fans, necessarily had to be born in the environment of Carver dogs grew up and later took Ramiro to Mexico, especially descendants of BULLYSONand also of his brothers from the same litter ELI JR and BRENDY (some few breed by Floyd Boudreaux for example like  El Capitán ).


All this leads me to conclude that “The Blacks” term was due mainly to the breeding that made ​​Carver especially with BULLYSONalso with ELI JR and with BRENDY as example P. CARVER'S “BLACK SHINE or last stage of his life with P. CARVER'S “STOMPANATO


The American Pit Bull Terrier known under “The Blacks” term were originated under the guidance of the master dogman Maurice Carver, especially through the breeding that made ​​Carver with BULLYSON and also with some other crosses of ELI JR and descendants of BRENDY because are the two littermates of BULLYSON”. Finally, “The Blacks” term was consolidated over time by the work of breeders who used it in their respective breeding genetic from The ELI Dogs, especially through BULLYSONgenetic to consolidate and extend to a diversity of the descendants of three brothers, whom the black on the mantle of your skin also predominated over white.


Carver & Bullyson CARVER with BULLYSON

                                                          Maurice Carver and “Bullyson” the creators of“THE BLACKS

                                                            TRIBUTE TO MAURICE CARVER IN VIDEO

Floyd Boudreaux also contributed to the creation of the term of The Blacks with some crosses he made with ELI JR and descendants  of BULLYSONand BRENDY.

                                                      Copia (3) de PERROS 2   

                                                       Floyd Boudreaux together Ramiro Morales and his son Gabriel. 


Ramiro Morales was completely disconnected from the dogs for almost 40 years. However, his knowledge and historical data about the breed remain safely stored in his memory.


From these lines I would like to thank Ramiro Morales, for give me kindly and selflessly much information at the time, which in this work is reflected in a broken down, under my own deductions and conclusions as neutral as I have been possible with the truth and common sense ahead. This information is not only having a very important for me no, I consider that it is of historical heritage and legacy of the own breed and its fans, where we must not allow that will be negotiate with it nor that lose over the years by neglect or carelessness unfortunate. Thousands of THANKS Ramiro.


                                                       Copia de DSC03172

                                     Ramiro Morales and Mariano Peinado exchanging views in Villa Liberty kennels, Madrid, Spain.

Ramiro Morales has really enjoyed with this work. After carefully reading it, said the next exact words about the contents of this work of "The Blacks", saying: "Mariano, it seems to me very interesting the story about The Blacks, it's definitely as you say."


There are many individuals of "The Blacks" with white spots without problem, as long as the color black is dominant in the animal, like for example the granddaughter of BULLYSON” called (CARVER´S) R. MORALES´ “BLACK LADY” (NEGRITA), or the extraordinary reproductive daughter of BULLYSON” called CARVER'S (HYDE´S) “BLOODY SUNDAY, which gave a huge quality contribution to the "The Blacks" consolidation. BLOODY SUNDAYis the grandmother of SMITH & WILLIAM'S “REUBEN (100% Carver),  VILLA LIBERTY´S “TUDOR DIBO (100% Carver), CHINAMAN(100% Carver), etc.


                                                        Carver´s Bloody Sunday (Hyde) BLOODY SUNDAY


                          FIAPBT Pedigree Online: CARVER'S (HYDE´S) “BLOODY SUNDAY


                                Online Pedigree: CARVER'S (HYDE´S) “BLOODY SUNDAY



                                 FIAPBT Pedigree Online: SMITH & WILLIAM'S “REUBEN


                                       Online Pedigree: SMITH & WILLIAM'S “REUBENSMITH & WILLIAM'S REUBEN


              "TUDOR DIBO" (Mr. “Ronnie)

                     FIAPBT Pedigree Online: VILLA LIBERTY´S "TUDOR DIBO" (Mr. “Ronnie)


                          Online Pedigree: VILLA LIBERTY´S "TUDOR DIBO" (Mr. “Ronnie)



                                               FIAPBT Pedigree Online: CHINAMAN


                                                     Online Pedigree: CHINAMAN



                         MORALES´ “BLACK LADY was well known in Mexico like “La Negra Chica” or “La Negra Pequeña”.


                      FIAPBT Pedigree:  (CARVER´S) R. MORALES´ “BLACK LADY” (NEGRITA)


      Online Pedigree: (CARVER´S) R. MORALES´ “BLACK LADY” (NEGRITA) (Not exist in this database.)



          A clear example of "The Blacks" at the present time, we have it with the individual  BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar):



                                                  VILLA LIBERTY´S BOUDREAUX” (BULLYSON - GAR)


                                          FIAPBT Pedigree Online: "BOUDREAUX" (BULLYSON)


                                               Online Pedigree: BOUDREAUX (BULLYSON)


TO SEE pictures ofBOUDREAUX”, its genetic and its family:  


TO SEE more pictures of “BOUDREAUX”, its genetic and its family also in VIDEO:


image003 BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar) 



                                    BOUDREAUX´ (Bullyson - Gar) FAMILY:


                                    Children of BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

Hijo de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar) ,


                                                     FIAPBT Pedigree:  CH MARRERO'S PICHE  


Hija de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar) ,


                                         FIAPBT Pedigree: CANARIASPIT'S “BAGHEERA


                                         Online Pedigree: CANARIASPIT'S “BAGHEERA



                                         FIAPBT Pedigree Online: BOUDREAX(Montana)


                                                           Online Pedigree: BOUDREAX (Montana)


                                     Brothers of BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

Hermano de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

                                            FIAPBT Pedigree Online: GR CH CHAVEZ' “LLANTAS


                                         Online Pedigree: GR CH CHAVEZ' “LLANTAS


Hermano de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar) ,

                                       FIAPBT Pedigree Online: CH VTK'S “MR. HANKEY


                                             Online Pedigree: CH VTK'S “MR. HANKEY


Hermano de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

                                      FIAPBT Pedigree Online: GR CH CHIP'S “SLASHER


                                            Online Pedigree: GR CH CHIP'S “SLASHER


 Copia de Hermanas de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

                                     FIAPBT Pedigree Online: CH HOK'S “LIZA II” (BIG GIRL)

                                            Online Pedigree: CH HOK'S “LIZA II” (BIG GIRL)


                                            FIAPBT Pedigree Online: CH LNK'S “GINNY

                                                   Online Pedigree: CH LNK'S “GINNY


              Parents of BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)


                                               FIAPBT Pedigree Online: BOUDREAUX' “BADGER


                                              Online Pedigree: BOUDREAUX' “BADGER


Boudreaux´Miss Skull Madre de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

                                           FIAPBT Pedigree Online: BOUDREAUX' “MISS SKULL


                                                   Online Pedigree: BOUDREAUX' “MISS SKULL



                                 Grandparents de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

Boudreaux´Skull abuelo de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

                                                    FIAPBT Pedigree Online: BOUDREAUX' “SKULL


                                             Online Pedigree: BOUDREAUX' “SKULL


Boudreaux´SCREAM abuela de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

                                                 FIAPBT Pedigree Online: BOUDREAUX' “SCREAM


                                           Online Pedigree: BOUDREAUX' “SCREAM



                            The Grandgrandfather of BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

     Boudreaux´Maverick bisabuelo de BOUDREAUX (Bullyson - Gar)

                                   FIAPBT Pedigree Online: BOUDREAUX' “MAVERICK


                                         Online Pedigree: BOUDREAUX' “MAVERICK


     The Grandfather of “Maverick” and son of “Bullyson

Midnight Cowboy Abuelo de Maverick 

                                    FIAPBT Pedigree Online: CARVER'S  (DAVIS) “MIDNIGHT COWBOY


                              Online Pedigree: CARVER'S  (DAVIS) “MIDNIGHT COWBOY


@ CARVER'S  (DAVIS) MIDNIGHT COWBOY and some of its descendants "THE BLACKS" of the new Millennium:



                              - 00  Cowgirl 2. (1)COWGIRL 2

                                           FIAPBT PedigreeFIAPBT Pedigree Online: COWGIRL 2

                                                 Online Pedigree: COWGIRL 2



CARVER'S (HYDE´S) “BLOODY SUNDAY, is daugter of “Bullyson” and the Grandmother of Smith & William's Reuben(100% Carver), Villa Liberty´sTudor Dibo (100% Carver), Chinaman(100% Carver), etc.


                      BLOODY SUNDAYgave a huge quality contribution to the "The Blacks" consolidation.


                                                        Copia de Carver´ss Bloody Sunday (Hyde)BLOODY SUNDAY


                             FIAPBT Pedigree Online: CARVER'S (HYDE´S) “BLOODY SUNDAY


                                  Online Pedigree: CARVER'S (HYDE´S) “BLOODY SUNDAY



@ CARVER'S (HYDE´S) “BLOODY SUNDAY and some of its descendants "THE BLACKS" PURE CARVER of the new Millennium:


                                           LADY CARVER 2 . (1)

                               FIAPBT Pedigree Online: VILLA LIBERTY´S “LADY CARVER 2


                                     Online Pedigree: VILLA LIBERTY´S “LADY CARVER 2


                                                Copia de Copia de DSC04778

                                    FIAPBT Pedigree Online: VILLA LIBERTY´S “COWBOY 4


                                         Online Pedigree: VILLA LIBERTY´S “COWBOY 4


                                   Pollito 2


                               The CARVER "BLACKS", in its purest form.

    Pollito 2


        Online Pedigree: FUTURE PUPPIES 2014COWBOY 4 XLADY CARVER 2


A litter of these features in nowadays, is an important part of the history of the breed brought to nowadays. Esta es una genética, que para los perreros de antaño sería impensable que pudiera existir intacta, con tanta pureza y dedicación en el año 2014… Esta clase de animalitos en los tiempos de hoy en día, son Patrimonio y Herencia de la raza y sus aficionados… ¡¡¡FELICIDADES y GRACIAS!!! With this kind of dogs, be will close genetic doors from  Bloody Sunday, "Midnight Cowboy" and Walling´s “BULLYSON. For those that have an average knowledge on the breed, the words to describe this litter exceed.

This is a genetic, that the old dogmen had given up for lost many decades ago and would be unthinkable for them that there could be intact, with such purity and dedication in 2014 ...

This class of doggies in nowadays, are Patrimony and Heritage of the breed and its fans… Only is EXTRAORDINARY! ¡¡¡Un tesoro genético!!! A genetic treasure!      


Copia de MIDNIGHT COWBOYsin logo





















@ WHAT NOBODY HAS WRITED ABOUT THE BEST APBT OF ALL TIMES, TUDOR´S “DIBO”The true history about Tudor´s “Dibo”: (This is a literal translation by the Internet translator, sorry)

(Original report in Spanish: ) 








@ Whence comes the black color to the ELI / CARVER / BOUDREAUX dogs, being that they are all Tudor's "DIBO" family and "DIBO" was buckskin color? - THE HENRY DOGS:




@ AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER with Pedigree ¿Yes or No?:









In order to see the FIAPBT Pedigree Online, you doing clic in the photo or in the dogs names.

In order to see the FIAPBT Pedigree Online and pictures, you must doing clic in its corresponding name. Once within his Pedigree Online, you can realise your own genetic study in your own way. for example doing clic in the names of the parents, will be able to also visualize its FIAPBT Pedigree Online of four generations, in which if you doing clic in its pictures, will be open in greater size so that it is possible to be seen better the dogs. Following in Pedigree Online and doing clic in the names of the APBT that appear in ascending scale, you can get to find or track the dogs that you want to study or investigate up to two centuries back, until the years of the 1800, a barbarism of generations, more controlled than the own people. This great amount of genetic information is something unpublished, surprising and exclusive, that only own our wonderful and noble breed dog, the American Pit Bull Terrier. 


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In order to facilitate the genetic study of the dogs and the breed itself, also we add to the fans the Online Pedigree database to facilitate his study, because the Online Pedigree could facilitate the genetic study those fans, which are accustomed to do it through of this database. However we must clarify, that this database the genetic study is more confusing, more annoying, more incomplete and less reliable by various factors, which come it because of malicious and unscrupulous people, who for various dark interests them stain and harm the honorable name and efforts being made for over 10 years ago by the Online Pedigree owner. These negative and various factors that are affecting the database Online Pedigree, for the experimented dogman in the breed genetics and those who have been affected directly in them, is well known it for them, and they know very well what we are talking about. Some of these negative factors are for example: Registers of mixed dogs like pure APBT; Registers of Bullies or similars like pure APBT; Fake registers of dogs that do not correspond with the reality; Registers of dogs that no exists to deceive or swindle to the fans; Be made countless of duplicate records for the same dog with dark purposes, etc., etc. These drawbacks in the database FIAPBT Pedigree Online are very low or zero, due to the strict monitoring and control that is constantly performed by dogman amply qualified to preserve the breed purity.