In the FIAPBT we preferred not to place our credit inside the historical pictures, since we considered that it is a way to spoil it, diminishing the fan enjoying and would damage to an historical value, which is patrimony and inheritance of the own breed.












The MARATHONPIT is a modality derived from mushing (shot of sleigh with dogs). The MarathonPit is a work-sport discipline that consist of running with a APBT tied to the waist with a scaling belt and an elastic firing line that goes until the harness of the animal.


In order to practice it, a harness is only needed shot for the dog (they are not valid those of stroll nor those of drag weight), an elastic firing line and a belt of scaling for the runner, this belt is the more wide to protect the back of the runner of the pulls of the dog.


You can make MarathonPIt to compete or simply practicing it like sport in which to share time and experiences with your companion, for to consolidate your relation. The ideal is to go to the field to train, but if it is not possible, also it is possible to be practiced in a park in the city.


The binomial man-APBT makes this sport specially attractive, that only the one that practices it can describe.





1) ONLY the participation of APBT of pure breed dog is admitted and crediting his original pedigree ADBA in the same day of the race when gathering the number. Photocopies are not admitted.


2) The participant APBT must be in good physical form and surpass the obligatory veterinary control. However, the participant APBT will must have like minimum 5 months old for the modality of MarathonPit – 3 –, 8 months for the MarathonPit –  6 –  and 10 months for the rest of modalities of MarathonPit.


3) The vaccination record is due to present/display the day of the Championship. They must have update the vaccinations obligatory and to have position the microchip. Is obligatory to have the License like owner of APBT.


4) The APBT that are aggressive with other dogs, took the exit with muzzle type basket, that is to say, the muzzles that allow to open the mouth to the dog and to breathe without problems, or to make it in last place with prudent distances to avoid disagreeable collisions. In any case, it will be responsibility of the runner to control at all moment to his APBT, being able to be retired of the race in case of not doing it.


The runner will must know to his dog and to take the measures necessary to control him at all the moment. In any case, the runner will be the ONLY in charge to cover the damages that could cause his APBT.


5) Females in fervor (heat) will not be able to compete. They will not be able either to attend, for the nondistraction of the males. The dogs of the public assistant, are forced to take strap. This prohibited the travelling sale in the Championship.


6) The heat affects more to the dog than to the person. Over 20ē them passes so bad and is not advisable that them runs. From 20ēC in the shade, will be the Judge of race that decides to trim the distance of the Championship (maximum 3 km.) or to even annul it, since the dogs can undergo heat blows.


The Championships will not be cancelled in case of rain.


7) Before the begin the race, will be inform to the runners of the layout of the circuit, signaling, circumstances to consider etc.


The exits in slope, are not advisable since we could fall in the first strides. The use of gloves is recommended, to protect the hands of the runner in possible falls.


The routes will be of sand. Is necessary to try to avoid the zones of asphalt, cement and similar routes, since it can damage the pads of the dogs.


8) During the race, must have food supply points for the runner and the dogs throughout the route, like minimum each 4 km, in order to allow the dogs to refresh and to avoid a possible dehydration.


9) In the race the APBT will have to run in front of the runner or alongside, not being able the runner to exceed him at any moment, unless it is for throwing a little orienting him in his way, by confusion and straggler has remained momentarily, but only the time necessary for the overcoming of the obstacle or to make return to the dog to the circuit.


10) The arrival will be determine when crossing the dog the line of goal. It will be responsibility of the runner to take the visible number at all the moment in the race, specially in the arrival to goal. It will be obligatory to give the number in the same destination of the arrival.


11) The Judge of race, will be the one that considers a sentence in firm in a possible negligence on the part of some runner. The Judge, will be present as much in the exit as in the arrival of the participants and will be in contact with the control posts throughout the route of all the race.


12) Reasons for disqualification:


-         The physical or verbal aggressions to the dogs (own or others).

-         Not to happen through all the race controls.

-         To soil the field.

-          Not to take the visible number.

-         Not to let pass to another runner who previous to the voice “PASO” tries to advance to us. The advancement will be made by the left part, leaving frees that zone the advanced runner.

-         To run occupying all the track, leaving to the dog to run to a side and the runner by the other.


Will be penalize to soil the route of the race with the rest of food supply, bottles of water, or with lees of the dogs. It will be responsibility of the runner, to throw its sweepings in the wastebaskets qualified to few meters of the food supply point, as well as to clear of the way lees of his dog, otherwise, the runner will be disqualified.


For the this last, if the animal spontaneously puts himself to defecate, the runner is forced to stop until his APBT finishes it, separating to a side of the way not to obstruct the other runners who happen then and before continuing the race, is when he must retire of the circuit the lees of his dog so that they are not been above by which they come behind.


13) When the runner is registering for the Championship, person in charge becomes of any damage with him or with his dog that can cause during the development of the competition.


Free dogs will not allow themselves neither before, nor during, nor after the race.. The runner will have to take with himself to his APBT at any moment.


14) Categories:


The participants will have to be greater of 18 years old. If they are of smaller age, must credit an authorization of his parents.


The categories are:


Junior: 14 to 17 years (with authorization of the parents).

Senior: 18 to 40 years

Veteran A: 41 to 50 years

Veteran B: more than 50 years


The categories are detachhed, in addition by sex: men and women.


In each race it must have a minimum of 5 participants by category. In opposite case, the categories first will be grouped by participants in general, after by sexes and finally by ages.


15) Surely of civil responsibility


The organization will count on an insurance of civil responsibility, that covers the competition with the normal development of the race.




The APBT must go equipped with a suitable harness that cannot injure him (shot harness). Runner and dog will go united by a firing line, with shock absorber. The runner must have a belt in which to hook this firing line, with a maximum length 2 meters.




a)     Belt of scaling. B) Firing line. C) Harness of shot for the dog.

a) Belt of scaling. b) Firing line.   

      c) Harness of shot for the dog.





The accreditation of the titles of Champion (CH), will be added in the name of those American Pit Bull Terrier that would win in MarathonPit Official competitions, in which, the title is in play. The Champion (CH) titles, only will be able to get in Official competitions by the FIAPBT and that these competitions must be National, Continental or the World scope, but not in competitions of Communities or Regions.


The accreditation Sub Champion (Sub CH) titles, also will be added in the name of those American Pit Bull Terrier that get the second place in Official MarathonPit competitions, in which the title is in play. The Sub Champion (Sub CH) titles, like the Champion (CH) titles, will be also added in the name of the APBT within the FIAPBT genealogical data base.


Supposing that in a same Official by the FIAPBT MarathonPit competition is in play two or more titles, the absolute competition winner would obtain only one title, the title that includes higher territoriality, being vacant the rest of titles for the participants whom after the absolute winner, better classification they obtained in the same competition.


In the moment that would be possible with guarantees for the FIAPBT one calendar with more number of MarathonPit competitions in the same season, for to obtain the titles (CH and Sub CH) would obtain it, only those American Pit Bull Terrier that add more number of points in the competitions way, will be the APBT that showed more competition regularity in the same season, that the rest of the opponents APBT.


Subjects important to consider:


-         The heat affects more to your dog than to you. You never take it to run over 20ēC


-         To avoid in all the possible one to run by asphalt or loose gravel roads.


-         Your APBT must take the rate when beginning to run. Give to him time, affection, tact and much patience with him until he learns. Everything being based on game, working it positively and with prizes. he always must remain with desire to continue, so that in the following training he leaves with more desire.


-     The APBT is ok who is running ahead of the runner and if is necessary to give motivation him with spirits. You must be patient with your APBT in the training and to be conscious that in the Championship, all the dogs by inertia run, you will be surprised pleasantly.


      -     It accustoms in all the possible to your APBT to the Harness with which he will run.


      -     The important thing is to participate and in special which benefits your and your APBT running together, consolidating your relation and in special that benefits your and your APBT running, acquiring good physical form and knowing good friends the APBT.



The championships will be of:                    1) 3 Km. MARATHONPIT – 3 –

                                                                       2) 6 Km. MARATHONPIT – 6 -

3) 12Km. MARATHONPIT – 12 –

4) 21Km. MARATHONPIT – 21 –


Only they will be able to participate in the MARATHONPIT championships, APBT of pure breed dog, no mixed, with his pedigree ADBA, showing the original one at the time of the inscription. All the vaccines and the larvae to the day. Vaccine of rabbit and microchip. Surely of civil responsibility and license of PPP possession.


Good luck and we wait you here with your great APBT.


Mariano Peinado                            Oriol Lloria

            President FIAPBT        Technical Director of MARATHONPIT



The FIAPBT, wishes to form National and International Oficlal Clubs of MarathonPit. If you are interested in to create your Club in your Country, contact with the FIAPBT;   To read more on this last one.

If you are interesting in practice this work-sports with your APBT, contact with us and we will inform to you into the club of MarathonPit accredited by the FIAPBT nearest to your locality or country.



Fhone/Fax: Spain - 918036953




The full field equipment of MarathonPit, costs approximately 70 Euros and they send it to your home.



Countries with Official Club of MARATHONPIT by the FIAPBT













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          * The MarathonPit Championship 2009 Video MarathonPit Championship 2009  

We congratulated ourselves that the new and summary of the MarathonPit Championship 2009 with the organizers interviews, has been showed in the more important National mass media of Television, Radio and Newspapers. Soon, also we will be able to see it in the most important National and International specialized dogs magazines.


                      The FIAPBT as always, fighting to show the society the positive image of the breed.     






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