I will explain this section by an answered e-mail sent to a person whose name will remain unknown by obvious reasons. The following text, is the e-mail received at the FIAPBT and the response to the latter.




First, I send to you a warm salutes. Here, in my country, we are interested in any sport done with our breed and we find ourselves very motivated to carry out events like the MaratyhonPit, But when reading that a ADBA registry is needed, I was sad, due to the inexistence of dogs with that registry, only two breeders sell dogs with the ADBA registry.


Under my point of view, this event is discriminatory.






Hello my friend, how are you?


I hope you are doing fine around your family, friends and APBT´s.

The big problem nowadays with the American Pit Bull Terrier in the different countries, as you well know, are laws that induce to the extermination of the breed. This happens because they see our breed as a mix-breed, precisely because they ignore that there is a International Official Pedigree and this is that of the ADBA. Furthermore, you know the FIAPBT, only recognises the ADBA registry only.


For the FIAPBT, the ADBA is the institution ,that by far, offers the most credible pedigrees compared to other organizations. In the ADBA, a Department of Investigation exists, to check the veracity of the pedigrees, contacting breeders directly if needed, something not done by other organizations. The ADBA has a well defined computerized control to avoid in a 100% the falsification of pedigrees. Not to say, that it is the only APBT organization in possession of a DNA testing service.


From 1909, the ADBA is developing a magnificent work in the control, conservation, promotion and defence of the breed, and we can’t ignore this fact. The ADBA enjoys of a great reputation due to the honesty of the people that manages it, the Greenwood family. I could mention other reasons why the ADBA registry is the only one recognized by the FIAPBT, but I think is not necessary. However, it is important to say that once the ADBA has done an investigation and if this one is favourable, it can approve pedigrees by other organizations (UKC, IKC,BFK,SDR,etc.) as ADBA pedigrees. In consequence, this pedigrees are immediately accepted by the FIAPBT.


We the FIAPBT understand, we have to adequately promote the breed for later equally adequately defend it, in front of those governments that continuously try to exterminate the APBT´s. Precisely for this reason, it is so important that we promote the breed in hand with the ADBA pedigree. This way, governmental Institutions can comprehend they are dealing with a canine breed, as any other, and thus, they wouldn’t take unfair measures for the only fact of believing they are dealing with a mix-breed.

This Governmental Institutions have been misled  by those people in charge of the canine sector in their countries. This same people are anti-APBT and wish the extermination of the breed in their countries, and thus, recover the popularity and sales of the breed they represent. The best way to mislead those in the government is by wrongly advise them about our breed, by treating it with contempt and with a discriminatory attitude referring to them as a quite “people-dangerous mix-breed dogs”, maybe functional group, or just mix-breed.


In the FIAPBT, we accredit and confirm that the ADBA registry in the APBT is the only document that certifies the purity of the breed, along with its official standard, and the international institutions that support the breed like the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA), that can be considered as the “Canine mother of the APBT”, an international title given by the International Federation of the APBT (FIAPBT). The addition of this three circumstances officially determines that we are talking and dealing with a  working Canine Breed (functional) and not a group of mix-breed dogs like some anti-APBT declare (governmental advisors). The intent of these groups of anti-APBT is, to deny the APBT as a canine breed, thus leaving them helpless before those who make the laws. This is the case in many countries were our wonderful and noble breed has been banned using these arguments.


In 1999, in first instance, the Spanish Government decided to ban the APBT in all the national territory after been advised, with the arguments explained before, by Manuel Martin Rodriguez, president of the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE). The prohibition of the APBT do not get to make, given the intervention of the President of the Spanish Government in that moment, Mr. Jose Mª Aznar, motivated by the information that I send him on the matter from the APBT and other canine engineering datas.


In the other hand , we are all aware of the existence of breeders that mix their dogs with other breeds or mixed breeds, and sells them as authentic APBT. This is another big problematic the FIAPBT wants to put a stop to, because we know this can also destroy our efforts of fighting for a pure breed and will definitely be a danger for the extinction of the breed.


The FIAPBT and myself know of the existence of authentic APBT´s without ADBA pedigrees, but the amount of them in comparison of those that are sold as authentic and are not authentic, is minimal. 


Due to the impossibility to recognize whether these APBT´s are authentic or not, even by the experts, is the reason why we find not possible to accept dogs without registry to our competitions or events. If we admit to this minority of authentic not registered dogs, we have to consequently admit all the others. In this case, instead of promoting and defending the pure breed we would be doing the opposite, which is, promoting and providing mix-breed dogs as authentic, and this would bring us to contribute to the extinction of our so loved, the authentic, original and genuine American Pit Bull Terrier. I am absolutely convinced that this is not what real lovers of the breed want of the APBT´s, but surely their enemies do, which are not a few.


You are right when you tell me that the MarathonPit is discriminatory. I had done in that way on purpose. In some occasions some people have also accused me of been discriminatory for not accepting mix-breed dog or other breed in APBT events or competitions. I consider, tough, that my fault is to be a purist of the breed, and I am sorry for that, but I also have to say I will keep acting this way.


In the other hand, I have to tell you, I will consider a serious fault in a person’s attitude, to abandon or to get rid of a dog after realizing the dog is a mix-breed or not a APBT, and in consequence getting a pure APBT instead, to participate in the events or competitions. This would be an absolute atrocity.


I consider myself an animal lover above all, and I love any mix-breed dog as well.That, is not an issue for me. I have adopted different mix-breed dogs and cats in my life, and if possible I will continue doing it in the future to offer them a better quality of life. Those who know me known what I am talking about. Thus, these two things shouldn’t be mixed up. Been a purist of the APBT doesn’t mean I don’t care about other breeds or mix-breed dogs. The first circumstance it is aimed to protect and conserve a canine breed, the APBT, and the second is to protect and conserve the mix-breed dogs and the abandoned ones. These are two different things, one is not contrary to the other.


Working for any of these two circumstances for anyone, it is a totally praiseworthy act, always that they are not mixed for hidden purposes. If we mix both things, the first will be affected and damaged by the second. This is something that the purist of the breed do not want, as well as, for noone who loves the American Pit Bull Terrier. If this happens, the days for the APBT as a pure breed will be gone forever.

Some supposedly APBT “enthusiasts” want to mix these two different circumstances for mostly economic interests.


Also in this group of people we find those who don’t really known what we are talking about, as it is said, “love is blind” and that is the reason why they think they are helping and defending the APBT´s with the attitude of wanting to accept as authentic APBT’s to all mix-breed dogs or other similar breeds as authentic APBT´s. Actually, what they are doing is condemning the APBT to its end.


This message I will be published in the FIAPBT web site, hoping some of these APBT enthusiasts, reading them, will open their eyes and start supporting and defending the breed with another sight. Hopefully, this will be the case, because the APBT world is in need of people with this positive sight, so that they can be defended from many of their enemies of all kinds.


I think you are one of these people. Your love and passion have prevent you from having a correct sight, in the sense I am telling you. If I am wrong, please let me know.


I have created the MarathonPit to achieve these goals that I explained to you above. With the MarathonPit and through the combination of man and dog (different from the conventional APBT sports, so that, we can associate the sporting people with the sporting APBT’s) we can achieve, as fast as possible, a positive image of the APBT before society. This way, the governments of the different countries can understand they are dealing with a breed similar to any other, and not with mix-breed “killer dogs” or crazy “people eaters”. It seems that these politicians have soon forgotten that dogs have always been and will be man’s best friends. 

It is also to be said, that a dog’s strength does not equal aggressiveness, as you may well know. Furthermore, given the great social job that the APBT have been playing in society, as rescue dogs among other tasks, in the year 2000, the FIAPBT labelled the American Pit Bull Terrier as a “Very Beneficial Canine Breed for Humanity”.


With the new modality of MarathonPit, it is probable that we will not achieve a 100% of ours goals, but we will surely place a lot of difficulties to those breeders who want to deceive the enthusiasts by selling them mix-breed dogs or other breeds as authentic APBT´s. Due to the great similarities in the physical conformation with other breeds or mix-breed dogs, these unethical breeders find it easy to trick their clients. The more difficulties we place for these breeders to defraud, the better for the APBT’s and their owners.


These frauds happens in all breeds, and our is not an exception. For example, to give a pedigree of an authentic APBT to one that is not, it is something that happens in all other breeds. All will depend in the breeder honesty and work ethic.


The buyers, should always take references and look for the breeder’s credentials. These frauds can also occur when buying an APBT with ADBA registry, but obviously the possibilities of been deceived are much less compared with the possibilities of the same thing happening when buying a “supposedly APBT” without a ADBA registry. Thus, having our policy, we are dissuading fraudulent breeders in the benefit of the breed and their enthusiasts.


There are breeders, that even if they have dogs that clearly are not APBT for their enormous size, have a ADBA registry. Those who own a dog from them may participate in the MarathonPit competition. The lack of functionality of this dogs will be the determinant, and will soon get tired or will quit. This owners will soon ask questions about their dogs to the breeders and people around them with no answers, and will doubt about the APBT been the working dog by excellence. What may have happened to their dogs to get such a disappointing results. What a contradiction, Right?

The MarathonPit as well as been a way of defending and promoting positively the breed, also it is important as a tool to evaluate the APBT’s and the breeders or Kennels they come from, and to find out their job.


Talking about the weight in dogs, we have to say that things fall from their own weight, and time places things where they belong. Some last more, some less, but finally all will be where they deserve, and this is true also with fraudulent breeders. In the 23 years that I have been around this breed, I had the pleasure to meet hundreds of enthusiasts, among them, many breeders. Most of them are not longer active. This few enthusiasts have proved their “game” for their perseverance with the breed. All having to stand great difficulties of all kinds in the last years. I hope and wish, that these few enthusiasts that have persisted will be the role model to follow by the new generations, which as far as I know are a bunch of them and with strong determination.


The enthusiasts and the breed in your country now have a great opportunity to promote the authentic APBT through the Man-Dog sport, more specifically the MarathonPit. It could be a great tool for advancing in that direction and achieving these goals. Anything related to the sports will benefit from the good image it portraits to the society and of those who practice them. In this case, this good image will strongly affect the man (owner of an APBT) and of course, also the APBT itself. The intention, is that man would give the merits to the breed, to defend it and promote it adequately.


Getting the good image of the APBT back before society, everything will change completely. Policy makers would realize about it, and would stop the persecution that APBT is suffering all these years, in many countries now and in those where soon the same thing is going to happen.


We shouldn’t be worried by the small number of ADBA registered dogs, in order to promote the MarathonPit. This is the case in all countries and not only in yours. But what we have to consider is, that the important thing is to educate and make people aware of the importance of acquiring APBT’s with the most guaranties possible, which is equal to getting an ADBA register APBT, that means, it has to come with the International Official Pedigree.


The FIAPBT, by creating a new event, the MarathonPit, set this project in order to help everyone in a fast and efficient way and, improving the positive promotion and recovery of the good image that the APBT has enjoyed in the past.


Our goals for this project, could be seen as an utopia, but the MarathonPit in Spain is already started and it is a reality right now. I can assure that not too late, the image of the APBT in Spain will positively change. It is also starting to be a reality in other 12 countries that have adopted the MarathonPit,  through Official Clubs of the MarathonPit by the FIAPBT. There are also other countries waiting to adopt the MarathonPit in a short time, fro example: Philippines, Canada, Venezuela, USA, Italy, South Africa, and Australia.


The more and the closer we are, the faster we will achieve our goals, which are no other than fighting for the well-being of the breed and the preservation of the authentic and genuine American Pit Bull Terrier.


Well my friend, we will keep in contact and any doubt that may come across about this subject or any other, please let me know.


A big hug from your friend,










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Nos congratulamos que la noticia y resumen del Campeonato de MarathonPit 2009 junto con las entrevistas de los organizadores, se haya recogido en los medios de comunicación Nacionales más importantes de Televisión, Radio y Prensa.


       La FIAPBT como siempre, luchando por mostrar a la sociedad la imagen positiva de la raza.



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